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ISO star tracker response to radiation

The following information concerning the ISO star tracker (STR) response to the radiation environment has been provided by J. Faelker at Vilspa:

Indirectly, the STR may experience the impact of impinging trapped particles or cosmic rays, which will disturb the search/tracking function when tracking a star, or during the acquisition process of a star. However, the STR does not provide a means to measure the background count rate, like a radiation counter of type Cerenkov. A single event upset (SEU) may or may not be detected autonomously as FALSE EVENT by the STR, because the tracking window is very small (8 x 8 pixels) wrt to the 3 x 4 STR FOV (284 x 372 pixels). We do maintain FALSE EVENT statistics, but due to the before hand mentioned realities, the contents are not representative.

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