JUICE support

The JUpiter Icy moons Explorer, previously known as Laplace, was recently chosen as the first “large”-class Science mission of the ESA Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 programme. The mission will encounter the highly severe radiation environment of Jupiter, against which special shielding and design countermeasures will need to be taken. The Jovian plasma and micrometeorite environments are also unique and need to be carefully considered. To aid the formulation and eventual design activities of the mission, various capabilities have been developed under various space environments and effects contracts.

These include

  • A new radiation environment model 'JOSE', based on reviews of various past data and models, providing energetic electron and proton fluxes as a function of distance up to 100 Rj from the planet*
  • 'SHIELDOSE-2Q', an extension of the SHIELDOSE-2 radiation shielding tool to cover a broad range of materials relevant for JUICE*
  • 'PLANETOCOSMICS-J' a Geant4-based application to treat radiation environment in the vicinity of the Galilean moons, including depletion of trapped particles*
  • A new genetic algorithm-based shielding optimisation tool 'GARSO' to help identify improved radiation shields through natural selection processes*
  • A simulation framework (REST-SIM) giving access to Geant4/GRAS in an advanced radiation analyses workflow, made available to the science payload developer communities
  • Improvements and validation of Geant4-based electron transport simulations for shielding assessment (ELSHIELD)
  • Developments of the spacecraft plasma interactions system (SPIS) to support evaluation of plasma payload electrostatic interference issues
  • Design for a dedicated radiation monitor capable of measuring the highly energetic Jovian electrons

Because of the harsh environment, continued vigilance will be needed of radiation, plasma and solid particle effects, and a continuous programme for hardening will be necessary during the design and development of the spacecraft and its payloads.


*integrated in SPENVIS v4.6.6

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