18 February 2008 DEBIE-2 impact detector launched to ISS onboard Columbus. The in-situ impact detector DEBIE-2 is one of the payloads of the European Technology Exposure Facility (EUTEF). DEBIE-2 will measure the sub-mm size populations of meteoroids and space debris particles in space.

Artisit impression of the DEBIE-2 detector

EUTEF/DEBIE-2 were launched together with the Columbus module for the International Space Station (ISS). They are attached as external payload to the Columbus module of the ISS. DEBIE-2 has 3 sensors looking into different directions (ram, space and starboard).

The DEBIE project was initiated by ESA’s Space Environments and Effects Section (TEC-EES). DEBIE was developed and build by Patria Advanced Solutions Oy, Tampere, Finland and is based on a design from Unispace Kent (UK). The data from DEBIE-2 are stored in a database developed by etamax space (D).



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