SEPEM Release

SEPEM application server web interface
The SEPEM (Solar Energetic Particle Environment Modelling) Application Server is now open for registration. The server allows users to plot and download data from Solar Energetic Particle Events and to create statistical models for long-term predictions of the SEP environment. This includes well known methodologies such as ESP and JPL as well as new models using virtual timelines.

Additional functionality will be available to users in the near future on request such as performing your own data processing, creating lists of SEP events using input parameters based on your own requirements, effects tools for calculating dose and single event effects (SEEs) with user input geometries. Further down the line the system will allow the prediction of interplanetary solar particle radiation populations from Mercury to Mars orbits using newly developed physics-based shock-and-particle model to simulate particle flux profiles of gradual SEP events [SOLPENCO2].

For the time being we encourage interested parties to register and utilise the tools available.

The Application Server can be found here

Please look at the server usage page and be careful when performing model runs that you are aware of the impacts of different inputs parameters. If you have any queries or comments on the server then please send them to Piers Jiggens.

The SEPEM Project was undertaken as part of ESA's TRP (Technology Research Programme)
More information can be found on the help pages which are linked to on the right hand side of the webpage.

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