TEC-EES Final Presentation Days 2012

7-8-9 May, 2012

Room Newton 1


Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Update: the presentation material is available for ESA member states on this separate page. Once registered in the ESA INDICO system, please send us an e-mail to get access to the event material.

A Final Presentation Days event will be held on the 7th May (afternoon), the 8th May (full day) and the 9th May (morning) at ESTEC in the Newton 1 lecture theatre, organised by ESA's Space Environments and Effects section (see the agenda below). The event, which will include final presentations and status reports from a wide range of ongoing R&D activities, will be followed in the same week by a workshop on radiation and plasma instrumentation.

Participation is open to attendees from ESA member states and free of charge. For registration or further information please refer to the Technical Officer of the specific activity, or to Eamonn Daly otherwise.

Travel information can be found via the ESTEC portal. Accommodation booking service is not available for this event, however it may be arranged at ESA corporate rates via the ESTEC travel office. Please mention that you are attending the event at ESTEC. In case of combined attendance of both Final Presentation Days and workshop later in the week, the ESA Conference Bureau may be able to give support.

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(updated 2 April 2012, no jokes anymore)
Title Consortium Time
7 May            14:00 - 18:00    
Radiation effects on sensors and technologies for ESA CV science missions
QinetiQ UK, SpaceIT, DHC, etamax, CSR 14:00
Energetic electron shielding, charging and radiation effects and margins (ELSHIELD)
TAS-E, G4AI, TRAD, DHC, Artenum, Onera, TAS-F, INTA 15:15
Break   16:30
Martian atmospheric environment   16:45
Geant4 maintenance contract SpaceIT 17:30
8 May              9:30 - 18:00    
Virtual space weather applications network of tools (ViSpaNeT)
etamax, CDPP, DHC, DLR, IRF, ONERA, Solenix 9:30
Upgrade of PC version of DEBRIS impact analysis tool etamax 10:30
Break   11:15
Data exchange methods for space environment effects tools etamax 11:35
Maintenance of ESABASE2 and of ESABASE2/Debris etamax 12:20
Particle trajectory analyser - Phase A/B etamax 12:40
Lunch   13:00
AIDA impact detector etamax 14:00
Physics models for biological effects of radiation and shielding (BioRad)
CENBG, G4AI, INFN, KTH, Stockholm Univ 14:45
Break   16:00
SPIS development overview and current status (SPIS)

ONERA 16:20
Computational tools for electrostatic cleanliness and payload accommodation analysis (SPIS Science)

ONERA, Artenum 16:35
Simplified MEO/GEO tools for spacecraft charging (SPIS GEO)
Artenum 17:05
9 May              9:30 - 13:00    
Highly miniaturised radiation monotor (HMRM)
RAL 9:30
Upgrade of electron monochromator PSI 10:30
Break   10:50
Radiation hard electron monitor (RADEM)
RUAG, PSI 11:10
Next Generation Radiation Monitor (NGRM)
RUAG, PSI, EREMS, GammaMedica, ONERA 12:10
Energetic particle telescope (EPT) - Phase C
QinetiQ Space B, CSR 12:30