TEC-EPS SVN Repository

The Space Environment and Effects Section at ESA/ESTEC is maintaining a repository of Geant4-related codes developed by ESA-funded projects.


At the moment, the SVN repository contains the following applications:

Module Contact Description
AtmoCosmics L. Desorgher Propagation of particles through the Earth's atmosphere
Magnetocosmics L. Desorgher Propagation of particles through the Earth's atmosphere
PlanetoCosmics L. Desorgher Propagation of particles in planetary magnetospheres
MULASSIS F. Lei, P. Truscott Multi-layered Shielding Simulation Software. 1D slab/sphere dosimetry
SSAT F. Lei, P. Truscott Sector Shielding Analysis Tool. Ray tracing tool for 3D shielding distribution analysis.
GRAS G. Santin, V. Ivantchenko GEANT4 Radiation Analysis for Space. 3D full Monte Carlo analysis tool.
SPENVIS, CSV H. Evans Utility classes for I/O of SPENVIS CSV format files

The applications in the repository do not form a part of the Geant4 public release.


The repository usually reflects the latest developments for the various applications, but it does not provide tested, official releases of the packages. To obtain the official release version of the single modules, please visit their respective official web pages.


The access to the repository is public. However, registration is required for monitoring purposes.


To gain access to the repository, please submit your request.

Once the access is granted, the repository can be accessed here