ConeXpress project support

ConeXpress is a concept to use the Ariane-5 interface cone structure as the basis of satellites that travel to the Geostationary orbit, lock on to satellites that have run out of fuel and extend their lives. Spiralling up to the geostationary orbit with electric propulsion, the satellite will encounter high radiation doses in the radiation belts. TEC-EES has performed 3-D analyses of the radiation doses within the structure, using the Geant4-GRAS simulation toolkit.
ConeXpress geometric radiation analysis
Recently, TEC-EES has also performed a micro-particle risk assessment for the ConeXpress satellite with the new, PC-based version of ESABASE2/Debris.
Debris results

This result file presents the expected number of impacts for the ConeXpress satellite during the 12 year lifetime at Geostationary altitude. Blue/green is indicating a low number of impacts, red is presenting the largest impact thread.


The number of expected impacts, that could lead to failure of the mission, are statistically determined and recommendations for risk mitigation are provided to ESA's ConeXpress project team.


For more information, please contact G. Santin (radiation) or W. Kuiper (micro-particles).