TEC-EES Final Presentation Days 2004

19-20 February

Room Newton-2


Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Problems to space missions caused by the space environment are a growing concern. The ESA Space Environments and Effects Analysis section supports ESA projects developing missions, which can cope with operating in the presence of these hazards. The section is also responsible for defining and executing research and development activities in this field. These activities are funded from various ESA R&D programmes such as the Technology Research Programme (TRP), the General Support Technology Programme (GSTP) and the General Studies Programme (GSP). The final presentation of these activities allows wide exposure of the results and thorough discussion of issues arising from them.


A special first half day has been set to present the different areas in the section and the present activities and future works planned. People involve in ESA projects are particularly welcome to be informed of already available outputs from past R&D and future plans, which they are welcome to comment.

The program for the 2004 Contracts Final Presentation Days is as follows:

Time Topic Presenter Team/Contractor
9:30 Welcome/Presentation E. Daly ESA-TEC/EES
  TEC/EES/Radiation P. Nieminen ESA-TEC/EES
  TEC/EES/Plasma A. Hilgers ESA-TEC/EES
  TEC/EES/Microparticles G. Drolshagen ESA-TEC/EES
  Coffee Break
  TEC/EES/Space Weather A. Glover ESA-TEC/EES
  TEC-EES/Atmospheres and Planetary Environment J.P. Huot ESA-TEC/EES
  Mars Radiation Environment and its Effects on Components, inputs for an integrated software tool (abstract). A. Keating ESA/LIP
13:00 Lunch Break
  Radiation Interaction Simulation Tool for ISS High-Energy Astrophysics Experiment EUSO and AMS (abstract) M. Pimenta LIP
  SEPTIMESS: Project General Overview (abstract) F. Lei QinetiQ
  SEPTIMESS: LISA and SMART-2 (abstract) H. Araujo Imperial College
  SEPTIMESS: G4 Analysis and Statistical Test (abstract) M.G. Pia INFN/CERN
  SEPTIMESS: ATMOCOSMICS (abstract) L. Desorgher U. Bern
  SEPTIMESS: Implementation of Hadronic cross-section datasets in Geant4 (abstract) V. Grichine U. Geneva
  A Software tool prototype to simulate displacement damage effects (NIEL) (abstract) K. Thiel U. Cologne
17:55 Conclusion First Day    
Time Topic Presenter Team/Contractor
9:00 Martian Environment J.P. Huot ESA/TRP/CNRS
  Electric Sail (abstract) P. Janhunen FMI
  Floating bare-tether as upper atmosphere probe (abstract) J.R. Sanmartin UPM
11:00 Coffee Break<
  Artificial Magnetosphere (abstract) T. Mendoça GOLP
  Artificial Magnetosphere (abstract) P.Toivanen FMI
13:15 Lunch Break
  LibreSoruce. A Framework for Community Based Developments (abstract) G. Rousseau  
  The Open Source Strategy Applied to a Spacecraft-Plasma interaction Simulation Tool PicUp3D (abstract) J. Forest IRF-K
  SPIS, A New Approach for Spacecraft-Plasma Interaction Modelling (abstract) J.F. Roussel ONERA/DESP
16:00< Coffee Break
  An Engineering Model for Solar Energetic Particles in Interplanetary Space (abstract) A. Aran UB
17:15 Conclusion CFP04 E. Daly ESA/TEC/EES