TEC-EES Final Presentation Days 2010

6th December, 2010

Room Einstein


Noordwijk, The Netherlands



Monday 6th December, 2010


Time Duration Presenter Title
09:40 10
ESA Introduction
09:50 30 etamax (D) Data Exchange Methods for Space Environment Effects Tools
10:20 40 U. Bielefeld (D) Update of meteoroid flux model
11:00 10   coffee
11:10 10 etamax (D), PTB(D) AIDA Impact Detector - status report
11:20 30 UCL-MSSL (UK), U. Manchester (UK)
Development of a MEMS-based Space Plasma Environment and Radiation (SPEAR) Detector System
11:50 40 ONERA (F), Artenum (F)
Development of a Predictive Discharge Numerical Model on Solar panels
12:30 20 Artenum (F), ONERA (F)
SPIS developments (general, MEO/GEO charging, Cosmic Vision support) - status report
12:50 10 cosine (NL)
Interplanetary/Solar Electron Hazard Modelling - status report
13:00 55   lunch
13:55 85 QinetiQ (UK), ONERA (F), DHC(B), MPS(D), MSSL (UK)
The JORE2M2 Project: Improved Environment and Effects Prediction Models for Future Jupiter-Mission Assessment
15:20 10   coffee
15:30 40 Fraunhofer (D), INFN (I), MAPRAD (I), SpaceIT (CH), GSI (D), U. Perugia (I)
Very High Energy Accelerators for Radiation Simulation
16:10 10 LIP (P)
CODES: component degradation simulation tool - status report
16:20 15
 QinetiQ (UK), SpaceIT (CH), TRAD (F) Rapid Reverse Monte-Carlo for Radiation Analysis
16:35 30 P. Bühler (A)
Data Processing Facility for INTEGRAL, PROBA-1, Rosetta, Giove-B, Herschel and Planck SREM data
17:05 30 PSI (CH)
Support for Calibration, Analysis and Documenation of Radiation Monitors
17:35 10 RAL (UK), Imperial College (UK)
Development of a Highly Miniaturised Radiation Monitor - status report
17:45 10 ESA Discussions/Conclusions