TEC-EES Final Presentation Days 2010

2010-02-01 09:34 by Hugh Evans

The TEC-EES final presentation days for 2010 will be held at ESA/ESTEC in Noordwijk on the 1st and 2nd of February in Newton-2 and Einstein, respectively.

The Agenda will include the following presentations.

Company  Project
Etamax   Upgrade of ESABASE2/DEBRIS
IPM/EADS   Development of standard EUV and plasma Monitor
ONERA/Artenum   Time-Dependent Simulator of Charge and Discharge
IRF/DHC   Open Data Interface
ONERA/QinetiQ/UoS/CNES   MEO Energetic Electron Environment Models
QinetiQ, SpaceIT, TRAD   Rapid Reverse Monte-Carlo for Dose and SEE
Etamax   Rapid Prototyping of Space Environment Tools
ISARS/NOA   SREM Solar Particle Event Scientific Analysis
TRAD   Harmonisation of geometry description
in space environment analysis
PSI   Electron Monochromator
DHC   MC-SCREAM implementation
  SPENVIS updates and release
  SEPEM Status report
QinetiQ   Geant4 Updates and Maintenance report

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