Solar Energetic Proton Fluxes (SEPF) tool

2011-09-06 16:31 by Petteri Nieminen

SEPF released

A new automated software tool for the monitoring of Solar Energetic Proton events fluxes has been released. The SEPF (Solar Energetic Proton Fluxes) tool uses measurements of ESA s Standard Radiation Environment Monitor (SREM).

The SEPF tool is based on the automated implementation of the inverse method developed by the Institute for Space Applications and Remote Sensing of the National Observatory of Athens (ISARS/NOA) under ESA contract 21480/08/NL/NR. This tool permits the calculation of high-energy proton fluxes from SREM count-rates. Results of the method have been validated for selected number of past solar energetic particle events using measurements from other space-born proton monitors. The SEPF tool unfolds downlinked SREM count-rates, calculates the omnidirectional differential proton fluxes and provides results to the space weather community acting as a virtual multi-point proton flux monitor on a daily-basis.

The first on-line version of the SEPF Tool is accessible at:

If you are interested in obtaining more information, please contact Ingmar Sandberg ( or Petteri Nieminen (

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