Radiation Biological End Effects Models And Interfaces to Physics Models

2013-04-16 17:27 by Giovanni Santin

Experimental irradiation facility at NPI, Prague
BioRad II
A new TRP activity has been kicked off on 30 January 2013 with a consortium led by CENGB / IN2P3 (F) with subcontractors G4AI (UK) and NPI (CZ) for development, implementation and validation of advanced modelling capabilities to analyse in detail radiation biological end effects based on the Geant4 Monte Carlo toolkit.

These models will be consistent with probable future adoption of radiation protection hazard parameters – alternative to dose equivalent – that are under development. Comparisons and verifications of the models with macroscopic approaches and experimental data from the ISS and ground-based studies under the IBER programme and elsewhere will be undertaken. 

This activity, with a planned duration of 18 months, is supported by ESA's Technology Research Programme (TRP). ESA Contract 4000107387/12/NL/AK

For further infromation, please contact Giovanni Santin.

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