Modelling study of dusty plasma near surface environments at the Moon and asteroids.

2013-01-29 13:04 by Fabrice Cipriani

A new GSP activity was kicked-off at the autumn 2012 which aims at providing new sets of environmental specifications as e.g. dust grains near surface densities and velocities distributions, as well as distributions of systems contamination related properties, needed for the design of future exploration missions to airless bodies surfaces (asteroids, the Moon, etc ...).  


Such work is based on the use of state-of-the-art models but also seeks to develop new capabilities at the European level enabling the modelling of such environments.


The activity is split in two parallel studies led on the one hand by ONERA (F) with sub-contractors IRS-Stuttgart (G), University of Lancaster (UK)  and University of Leuven (B), and on the other hand by FMI (F) with sub-contractors University of Bern (Sw), IRF (S), and Arquimea (E), that kicked-off respectively on August 31st 2012 and October 1st 2012.


For more information on this activity please contact Fabrice Cipriani.

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