Physics Models for Biological Effects of Radiation and Shielding

2010-07-15 17:46 by Petteri Nieminen

A new ESA TRP activity has been started with a consortium led by CENBG (F) and including INFN (I), KTH Stockholm (S), Karolinska Institut (S), and Geant4 Associates International (UK). This 3-year project will focus on the development of new radiobiological and physics models based on the CERN-originated Open-Source Geant4 energetic particle transport toolkit, together with updated assessments of the radiation fluxes and doses observed inside the International Space Station. Experimental work and analyses of radiation effects on novel "biochip" technologies, intended for detection of possible signatures of life e.g. on Mars, are also included. See also the Geant4 Space Users' homepage

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