ROSSINI: Radiation Shielding by ISRU and/or innovative materials foe EVA, vehicles and habitats.

2012-01-18 16:12

A new TRP activity has been kicked off on 23 November 2011 with a consortium led by Thales Alenia Space (I) with subcontractors GSI (D) and SpaceIT (S) to review radiation shielding materials for EVA, vehicles and habitats in human spaceflight missions, including In-Situ Resources Utilization (ISRU) and innovative materials. 
Shielding from energetic charged particle radiation and their secondary particles is one of the key requirements for future human exploration missions beyond the ISS. The radiation environment in deep space missions consists of highly energetic Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR), forming a low flux but ever-present background, sporadic but high flux Solar Particle Events (SPE), and of the local environments generated by the interactions of the incident radiation in lunar/planetary surfaces and within the shielding present in vehicles or habitats. Transit phases within the Earth’s radiation belts would also represent a serious hazard to humans. 
During the planned duration of 24 months, the most primising materials candidates will be selected on the basis of: 
their performances in terms of radiation risk reduction in a number of possible mission scenarios simulated with radiation transport Monte Carlo simulations; their compability with mass, safety, thermal and mechanical mission requirements. The selected shielding materials samples will then be tested at GSI with Iron beams at high energy (~ 1 GeV) in order to establish their shielding effectiveness. 

For further infromation, please contact Alessandra Menicucci.

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