Space environment data and tools on-line at ESTEC

SREM Web Site ESA/TEC-EES Standard Radiation Monitor Data.
SREM Radiation Monitor Plots Plots of the SREM data from Proba1, Integral, Rosetta, Herschel, and Planck.
SREM Solar Particle Event Scientific Analysis
Scientific analysis of the SREM data, including the use of single value decomposition to derive particle fluxes from the raw SREM countrates. Plots of the last 7 days are provided via the SEPF tool.
XMM Radiation Monitor Plots Plots of the ECE channel from the XMM EPIC radiation Monitor.
NOAA Daily Plots Plots of the daily space environment. These plots of electron and proton fluence, 10.7 cm radio flux, Ap and Kp. Geomagnetic indices are obtained from the daily activity report provided by NOAA-SWPC.
Radiation Dose Graphs Radiation dose graphs showing radiation that received by spacecraft in a given orbit is related to the amount of shielding. Results included for shield dimensions 1mm, 4mm and 10mm Al.
MADWEB Data Server on Meteoroids and Debris.
SPENVIS WWW interface to models of the space environment and its effects
SPINE Database of spacecraft charging events of the Freja satellite.
Open Data Interface System
SQL based system for storing space environment time series data following the IACG and COSPAR PRBEM standards.
TEC-EES Geant4 tools
A suite of Geant4 tools, including GRAS, Mulassis, and SSAT for performing radiation effects analyses.
 ECSS-E-ST-10-04  Reference documents for the ECSS-E-ST-10-04 standard.