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Evaluation of Radiation Effects and Dose Thresholds Definition in REMSIM

V. Guarnieri et al

Proc of the 9th European Symposium on Life Sciences Research in Space


Geant4 electromagnetic physics: improving simulation performance and accuracy

V.N.Ivanchenko, S. Incerti, J. Allison, A. Bagulya, J. M. C. Brown, C. Champion, S. Elles, Z. Francis, V. Grichine, A. Ivantchenko, J. Jacquemier, M. Karamitros, M. Maire, A. Mantero, J. P. Marques, L. Pandola, M. Raine, M. A. Reis, G. Santin, D. Sawkey,

Joint International Conference on Supercomputing in Nuclear Applications and Monte Carlo 2013 (SNA + MC 2013)


Geometry Description Markup Language for physics simulation and analysis applications

W. Pokorski, R. Chytracek, J. McCormick, G. Santin

submitted to IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci