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The Geant4-DNA Project

S. Incerti, G. Baldacchino, M. Bernal, R. Capra, C. Champion, Z. Francis, P. Guèye, A. Mantero, B. Mascialino, P. Moretto, P. Nieminen, C. Villagrasa, C. Zacharatou

International Journal of Modeling, SImulation, and Scientific Computing, Vol. 1, No. 2, 2010

Simulating Radial Dose of Ion Tracks in Liquid Water Simulated with Geant4-DNA: A Comparative Study

S. Incerti, et al.

NIM B, Vol. 333, pp. 92-98

In-depth analysis of SREM count rate measurements for future use in EnKF Salammbô data assimilation tool

S. Bourdarie (ONERA), D. Lazaro (ONERA), P. Nieminem (ESA), H. Evans (Rhea System)

IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci.

Prediction of Solar Proton Event Fluence spectra from their Peak flux spectra

S. Aminalragia-Giamini1, P. Jiggens, A. Anastasiadis, I. Sandberg, A. Aran, R. Vainio, C. Papadimitriou, A. Papaioannou, A. Tsigkanos, E. Paouris, G. Vasalos, M. Paassilta & M. Dierckxsens

Journal of Space Weather & Space Climate (Volume: 8, Article Number 1)

Ultraenergetic Heavy-Ion Beams in the CERN Accelerator Complex for Radiation Effects Testing

Rubén García Alía, Pablo Fernández Martínez, Maria Kastriotou, Markus Brugger, Johannes Bernhard,Matteo Cecchetto, Francesco Cerutti, Nikolaos Charitonidis, Salvatore Danzeca, Lau Gatignon,Alexander Gerbershagen, Simone Gilardoni, Nourdine Kerboub,MarisTa


Anthology of the Development of Radiation Transport Tools as Applied to Single Event Effects

Reed, R.A. ;Weller, R.A. ; Akkerman, A. ; Barak, J. ; Culpepper, W. ; Duzellier, S. ; Foster, C. ; Gaillardin, M. ; Hubert, G. ; Jordan, T. ; Jun, I. ; Koontz, S. ; Lei, F. ; McNulty, P. ; Mendenhall, M.H. ; Murat, M. ; Nieminen, P. ; O'Neill, P. ; Raine,

Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on (Volume:60 , Issue: 3 )

Detailed Comparison of Monte Carlo and Sector-Shielding Analyses for Space Applications

R. Lindberg, G. Santin, H. Evans, E. Daly, P. Nieminen

IEEE Trans Nucl. Sci. 53, 6, 2006, 3745-3749

The magnitude and effects of extreme solar particle events

Piers Jiggens, Marc-Andre Chavy-Macdonald, Giovanni Santin, Alessandra Menicucci, Hugh Evans and Alain Hilgers

Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate, 4 (2014) A20

The Energetic Particle Telescope: First Results

Pierrard, V., et al.

Space Science Reviews, Vol. 184, Issue 1-4, pp 87-106

Review of Deposited Dose Calculation Methods using Ray Tracing Approximations

Philippe Calvel, Catherine Barillot, Alain Porte, Gérard Auriel, Christian Chatry, Pierre-François Peyrard, Giovanni Santin, Robert Ecoffet, and Thomas M. Jordan

IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. vol 55, issue 6, Dec 2008, pages 3106-3113