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JHelioviewer: Time-dependent 3D visualisation of solar and heliospheric data

D. Müller, B. Nicula, S. Felix, F. Verstringe, B. Bourgoignie, A. Csillaghy, D. Berghmans, P. Jiggens, J.P. García-Ortiz, J. Ireland, S. Zahniy & B. Fleck

Astronomy & Astrophysics (Volume: 606, Number A10)

The Energetic Particle Telescope (EPT) on Board PROBA-V: Description of a New Science-Class Instrument for Particle Detection in Space

Cyamukungu, M., et al.

IEEE TNS, Vol. 61, Issue 6, pp. 3667-3681

High Accuracy Simulations of the ISS Radiation Environment and Applications to Interplanetary Manned Missions

Chavy-Macdonald, M.-A.; Menicucci, A. ; Santin, G. ; Evans, H. ; Jiggens, P.T.A. ; Nieminen, P. ; Hovland, S.

Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on (Volume:60 , Issue: 4 )

MarsGEN - Orbiter and Lander Mission to Mars

CDF study team (G.Santin)



Radiation Exposure and Mission Strategies for Interplanetary Manned Missions

C. Lobascio et al.

Proceedings of the 15th IAA Humans in Space Symposium, Graz, Austria


Radiation Exposure and Mission Strategies for Interplanetary Manned Missions (REMSIM)

C. Cougnet et al

Earth, Moon and Planets,Springer, in press

Soft Proton Fluxes in and Around the Earth's Magnetotail

Budjáš, D., Nieminen, P., Jiggens, P., Santin, G., Daly, E.

IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (Volume: 45, Issue: 8)

Angular Distribution of Protons Measured by the Energetic Particle Telescope on PROBA-V

Benck, S., Cyamukungu, M., O'Brien, P., Mazur, J., Nieminen, P., Evans, H., Daly, E.

IEEE TNS, Vol. 61, Issue 6, pp. 3371-3379

Galileo GIOVE-A MEORAD Results and Analysis

Ben Taylor, Craig Underwood, Hugh D. R. Evans, Eamonn Daly, Keith A. Ryden, and Giovanni Santin

IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. vol 55, issue 6, Dec 2008, pages 3151-3157

Simulation of the Cluster Spacecraft Floating Probe Potential

B. Thiébault, A. Hilgers, A. Masson, P. Escoubet and H. Laakso

IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci, Vol 34, No5, pp 2078- 2083, DOI 10.1109/TPS.2006.883407