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Validation of the effect of cross-calibrated GOES solar proton effective energies on derived integral fluxes by comparison with STEREO observations

J.V. Rodriguez, I. Sandberg, R.A. Mewaldt, I.A. Daglis, and P. Jiggens

Space Weather (Volume: 15, Issue: 2)


Solar flares, coronal mass ejections and solar energetic particle event characteristics

A. Papaioannou1, I. Sandberg, A. Anastasiadis, A. Kouloumvakos, M.K. Georgoulis, K. Tziotziou1, G. Tsiropoula, P. Jiggens & A. Hilgers

Journal of Space Weather & Space Climate (Volume: 6, Number: A42)

Prediction and warning system of SEP events and solar flares for risk estimation in space launch operations

A. García-Rigo1, M. Núñez, R. Qahwaji, O. Ashamari, P. Jiggens, G. Pérez, M. Hernández-Pajares & Alain Hilgers

Journal of Space Weather & Space Climate (Volume: 6, Number: A28)


SEPEM: A tool for statistical modeling the solar energetic particle environment

N. Crosby, D. Heynderickx, P. Jiggens, A. Aran, B. Sanahuja, P. Truscott, F. Lei, C. Jacobs, S. Poedts, S. Gabriel, I. Sandberg, A. Glover & A. Hilgers

Space Weather (Volume: 13, Issue: 7)


Angular Distribution of Protons Measured by the Energetic Particle Telescope on PROBA-V

Benck, S., Cyamukungu, M., O'Brien, P., Mazur, J., Nieminen, P., Evans, H., Daly, E.

IEEE TNS, Vol. 61, Issue 6, pp. 3371-3379

The Energetic Particle Telescope (EPT) on Board PROBA-V: Description of a New Science-Class Instrument for Particle Detection in Space

Cyamukungu, M., et al.

IEEE TNS, Vol. 61, Issue 6, pp. 3667-3681

The Energetic Particle Telescope: First Results

Pierrard, V., et al.

Space Science Reviews, Vol. 184, Issue 1-4, pp 87-106

Simulating Radial Dose of Ion Tracks in Liquid Water Simulated with Geant4-DNA: A Comparative Study

S. Incerti, et al.

NIM B, Vol. 333, pp. 92-98

Cross calibration of NOAA GOES solar proton detectors using corrected NASA IMP-8/GME data

I. Sandberg, P. Jiggens, D. Heynderickx, I. A. Daglis

Geophysical Research Letters (Volume: 31, Issue: 13)

Diffusion-Controlled Reactions Modelling in Geant4-DNA

Karamitros, M., et al.

Journal of Computational Physics, Vol. 274, pp. 841-882