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Space Weather Observations with Four SREM Radiation Monitors

D. Marinov, W. Hajdas, L. Desorgher, H. Evans, P. Nieminen

21st European Cosmic Ray Symposium, Kosice, Slovakia, September 9-12, 2008

The Mars Energetic Radiation Environment Models

P. Truscott, F. Lei, A. Keating, S. Valente, P. Gonçalves, L. Desorgher, D. > Heynderickx, N. Crosby, H. de Witte, G. Degreef, P. Nieminen, G. Santin

IEEE NSREC 2008, Tucson, USA


Monte-Carlo Simulation of the Radiation Environment Encountered by a Biochip during a Space Mission to Mars

A. Le Postollec, S. Incerti, M. Dobrijevic, L. Desorgher, G. Santin, P. Moretto, O. Vandenabeele-Tranbouze, G. Coussot, L. Dartnell, P. Nieminen

Astrobiology Journal, submitted March 2008


Comparison of Meteoroid Flux Models for Near Earth

G. Drolshagen, V. Dikarev, M. Landgraf, H. Krag and W. Kuiper

Meteoroids 2007 conference, Barcelona


A simple model of SMART-1 electrostatic potential variation.

A. Hilgers, B. Thiebault, D. Estublier, E. Gengembre, J. Gonzalez, M. Tajmar, J.-F. Roussel and J. Forest

IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci, Vol 34, No5, pp 2159- 2165; DOI 10.1109/TPS.2006.883405



Presentation on radiation environment

Unknown Author

ISO detector workshop, Vilspa, Spain


Geometry Description Markup Language for physics simulation and analysis applications

W. Pokorski, R. Chytracek, J. McCormick, G. Santin

IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 53, Oct 2006, 2892-2896



Analysis and Prediction of Radiation Belt Environment for the ESA INTEGRAL Satellite

R. Lindberg, H. Evans, and P. Nieminen

55th International Astronautical Congress, Vancouver


Towards New Radiation Belt Model Definition Using Simultaneously In-Situ Measurements and Physical Models

S. Bourdarie, D. Boscher, P. Nieminen et al

COSPAR 2004, Paris


Shielding from the Cosmic Radiation for Interplanetary Missions: Active and Passive Methods

P. Spillantini et al

COSPAR 2004, Paris