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Space Weather and Problems of Interference with Space-Based Sensors

E. Daly et al

COSPAR 2004, Paris



Presentation of The ESA Space Weather Programme Studies and Follow-up

Unknown Author

10th European Solar Physics Meeting Solar Variability: From Core to Outer Frontiers, Prague



Presentation of Observations of the Radiation Belts with REM

Unknown Author

IEEE Conference on Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects


Presentation of ESA space weather activities

Unknown Author

Space Weather Week, Boulder, Colorado, USA


In-orbit Upset Rate Predictions for the LM139, RH1078M, UC1707 & UC1842

Unknown Author

ESA TEC-QCA Final Presentation Day



REM results

Unknown Author

Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference November 1998


Opening address

Unknown Author

ESA Space Weather Workshop


Space environments and effects final presentation Days

Unknown Author

ESTEC, The Netherlands


Space radiation environment by Nieminen et al., oral presentation

Nieminen et al

Geant-4 Workshop, Niigita, Japan


Inputs from E. Daly for COSPAR 1998 Panel on Radiation belts

E. Daly