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Analysis of Freja charging events: Charging events identification and case study

J.-E. Wahlund, L. Wedin, A. I Eriksson, B. Holback and L. Anderson

ESA contract No 11974/96/NL/JG(SC), SPEE-WP110-TN


Analysis of Freja charging events: Modelling of Freja observations by spacecraft charging codes

A. I, Eriksson, L. Wedin, J.-E. Wahlund and B. Holback

ESA contract No 11974/96/NL/JG(SC), SPEE-WP120-TN


State of the art space weather modelling and proposed ESA strategy

H. Koskinen and T. Pulkkinen

ESA contract No 11974/96/NL/JG(SC), SPEE-WP310-TN


Near Earth Electron Environment Modelling Tool, User-Software Requirements Document

A. Malkki

ESA contract No 11974/96/NL/JG(SC), SPEE-WP320-URD/SRD-1.1


Analysis and Tests on Dielectric Materials

V.M. Antonov, V.G. Posukh and A.V. Melekhov

ESA contract No 12115/96/NL/JG(SC) Work Order 1


Engineering Tools for Internal Charging Final Report

D.J. Rodgers, K.A. Ryden, P.M. Latham, L. Levy and G. Panabiere

ESA contract No 12115/96/NL/JG(SC) Work Order 1


Engineering Model for solar energetic particle in interplanetary space

A. Aran, B. Sanahuja and D. Lario

ESA/ESTEC Contract 14098/99/NL/MM


Synopsis of Radiation Effects to Electronic Components during Exploration Missions

H. Sdunnus, K. Ruhl, P. Hake, P. Beltrami, P-F. Peyrard, C. Chatry, M. Poizat, D. Fa;guère, D. Boshcer, S. Bourdarie, T. Nuns

ESA/ESTEC Contract NO. 18734/04/NL/SFe


G4SESS - A Geant4 Extension for SESS

A. Rivera, S. Ibarmia, S. Esteve

ESA/ESTEC Contract NO. 19108/05/NL/JD


Martian Radiation Environment Models (MarsREM)

P. Truscott, F. Lei, N. Crosby, G. Degreef, L. Desorgher, P. Gonçalves, D. Heynderickx, A. Keating, B. Quaghebeur, S. Valente, H. de Witte

ESA/ESTEC Contract NO. 19770/06/NL/JD