TEC-EPS ODI Software

The Space Environment and Effects Section at ESA/ESTEC with IRF Lund and DHC actively develop the Open Data Interface project, an SQL based system for the storage and analysis of space environment time series data.


The Open Data Interface (ODI) provides a common backend and database system for space environment data processing systems at ESA. It provides a generic/common interface to space environment datasets and allows for the ingestion of new datasets. The data is stored in a MySQL database and the ODI system is based on software that allows the migration to different platforms, although it is mainly targeted for a Linux platform.


The Open Data Interface (ODI) is a software system that stores time series space environment data and metadata. The metadata syntax follows the ​CDF/​ISTP and the COSPAR PRBEM guide lines. The ODI system relies on a MySQL database to store its data and metadata. There are ​MySQL database drivers for all major computer platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, Windows) and libraries have been implemented for all major programming languages (e.g. C, C++, IDL, Java, Mathematica, Matlab, Perl, PHP). This means that data in ODI are accessible to a wide variety of software systems.


To obtain the software, please register and download via the European Space Software Repository: