Meteoroid & Debris Special Investigation Group (1989 - 1994)


The M&D SIG "A-TEAM" resided at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) during the entire LDEF deintegration (i.e., February through April, 1990). The A-Team optically scanned and photodocumented all exposed LDEF surfaces for impact-related features (i.e., measured and photographed approximately 4,600 individual impact events; craters >0.5 mm and penetrations >0.3 mm in diameter, as well as other related features [debris, secondaries]), and identified and secured surfaces of special interest. The long-term curation of these materials and all documentation was subsequently transferred to the Johnson Space Center (JSC), which is responsible for open and continued access to these materials by qualified investigators, and for maintaining an up-to-date database of LDEF impact data.

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