Table of Contents

Positions of removed cells on EURECA panel f7

Cell Positions Image

EURECA solar cell structure

Cell Structure Image

Scales for video microscope

EUscahm ImageEUscahm

EUscalm ImageEUscalm

EUscamm ImageEUscamm

Images of Removed Solar Cells

Click on thumbnail image to retrieve full high-resolution image.

EU f10 III
A201hm Image A201hm

A201mm ImageA201mm
A201c1sem ImageA201c1sem
A20cell ImageA20cell

EU f10 V

C171hm Image C171hm

c171mm ImageC171mm
c171hm ImageC172hm
c172mm ImageC172mm
c17c1 ImageC17c1
c17bs ImageC17c1backscatter
c17c1bu ImageC17c1bu
c17c1sem ImageC17c1sem
c17c1ti ImageC17c1ti
c17c2 ImageC17c2
c17c2sem ImageC17c2sem
c17cell ImageC17c2cell


a381m Image A381m

a38c1s ImageA38c1sem
a38cell ImageA38cell
b381h ImageB381h1
b381m ImageB381m
b38c1s ImageB38c1sem
b38cell ImageB38cell

EU f9 IV
c36371h Image C36371h

c36371cs ImageC3671c1sem
c3672c1s ImageC367c2sem
c367cell ImageC367cell