Responsible for analysis of space environments and their effects on space system

Responsibilities include supporting ESA and European programmes, preparation of standards, establishment and execution of a research and development programme and coordination and liaison with external bodies.

The section, located at ESA’s ESTEC technical centre in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, is part of the “Technical Directorate”. It consists of core staff and temporary staff such as research fellows, trainees and students, as well as occasional visitors.

  • Radiation belt modeling
  • Solar particle event modeling
  • Galactic cosmic ray modeling
  • Radiation environment measurements
  • Micro-particle environment modeling
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Mission impacts
Atomic oxygen environment
  • Environment modeling
  • Internal charging
  • Surface charging
  • Electric propulsion
  • Solar arrays
  • Science instrument effects
Atmospheric & planetary environments
  • Mars and Titan global modeling
  • Support to Earth observation missions