Open Data Interface (ODI)

The Open Data Interface (ODI) provides a common backend and database system for space environment data processing systems at ESA. It provides a generic/common interface to space environment datasets and allows for the ingestion of new datasets.

The data is stored in a MySQL database and the ODI system is based on software that allows the migration to different platforms, although it is mainly targeted for a Linux platform.

The Open Data Interface (ODI) is a software system that stores time series space environment data and metadata. The metadata syntax follows the ​CDF/​ISTP and the COSPAR PRBEM guide lines. The ODI system relies on a MySQL database to store its data and metadata.

There are ​MySQL database drivers for all major computer platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, Windows) and libraries have been implemented for all major programming languages (e.g. C, C++, IDL, Java, Mathematica, Matlab, Perl, PHP). This means that data in ODI are accessible to a wide variety of software systems.

Access to the software:

To obtain the software, please register and download via the European Space Software Repository:

  • License: ESA Open Source Community
  • Status: Mature
  • Developed by: IRF Lund and DHC