Research and Development

Research and Development (R&D) performed by the section is sub-divided into the main research areas below.

At the end of each R&D activity, the contractor presents the activity at one of the section’s final presentation days.

Some internal research is done, often with the support of Stagiaires, Research Fellows or Young Graduate Trainees.

Refer to ESA’s EMITS system for intended Invitations to Tender. If you have comments or ideas concerning technology research in the space environments and effects area, please feel free to contact V. Ferlet-Cavrois. Inputs from member state organisations are particularly welcome

Radiation environment and Instrumentation
  • Models of the Earth’s Radiation Belts
  • Radiation Environment Research with Multiple Monitors
Instrument design:

For more Research & Development activities, related to radiation analysis, please visit the radiation shielding and effects page