MCICT- Monte Carlo Internal Charging Tool

MCICT (Monte-Carlo Internal Charging Tool) is a Python based internal charging analysis tool with the following models/components:

  • Arbitrary 1D layered geometry, in slab or cylindrical shape
  • Flexible incident environment specification
  • Geant4 based particle transport for charge and dose deposition calculations
  • Classical charging physics model, aka DICTAT model
  • New ONERA physics model

MCICT was developed under the JCAT project for ESA, in supporting the JUICE mission development.

Relevant papers:

G. Santin, V. Ivanchenko, H. Evans, P. Nieminen, E. Daly: GRAS: A general-purpose 3-D modular simulation tool for space environment effects analysis. In: IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci, vol. 53, no. 6, pp. 2294 - 2299, 2005.

Access to the software:

Contact the section for access to the code.

  • License: ESA Open Source Community
  • Status: Mature
  • Developed by: