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JUICE Charging Analysis Tools (JCAT)

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This activity will develop a new Jupiter environment and effects analysis tools relevant spacecraft charging for the JUICE mission. The Cold Plasma Environment Model (CPEM) and Hot Plasma Environment Model (HPEM) allow predictions of the environment within the Jovian magnetosphere relevant to surface and internal charging respectively.

Unlike previous models, CPEM and HPEM include information on the statistical variations in order to quantify the likelihood of extreme environments levels. The JCAT project developments also include a new 1D engineering tool for internal charging analysis, MCICT, which uses the more accurate electron and proton transport physics of Geant4.

Furthermore, these three tools have been implemented as part of the SPENVIS web-based environment prediction system, allowing easy use and access, and comparisons with existing SPENVIS environment model and effects tool outputs. Using HPEM and MCICT, an analysis has also been performed to study internal charging effects mitigation strategies for the JUICE mission.

ESA Contract No: 4000109999/13/NL/AK

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